Tips on How to Purchase Your First Piano

Music to me is very important. It has so many benefits… for the mind, body, health, etc. Personally, I love to play the piano to relieve stress. When I sit in front of the piano, I feel weightless. Like a sigh of relief. But for whatever reason, any of us love to play the piano, piano selection is key! Especially, when it’s your first time buying a piano… and I would love to help you pick the right one…

Why You Should Buy an Upright Piano

You and me both know that pianos are EXPENSIVE! And not only is the price tag pretty hefty, but so is the piano. The piano isn’t your typical flute. It’s big, bulky and heavy so I want to make sure you’re getting the right one, and your monies worth. The majority of piano owners buy an upright piano for the main reason that they’re more compact and simple. You can move this piano more freely about your house or in the back of a pickup truck. However if you are planning on moving, I’d still suggest on hiring a piano mover.

And this may sound a little silly but please touch and have a feel for the piano keys before purchasing a piano. The reason why I say this is because pianos tend to have different key strengths. For example, people who like to play classical music/sweet ballads, tend to prefer a piano with a softer touch to the keys. So, if you want a little of a stronger tone, go for a piano with a tougher touch.

Spinnet Upright Piano

If you’re a first time piano player, I would recommend getting a Spinnet upright piano. The piano is small but you still will get high quality tone and the sound is still amazing regardless of their smaller size.  This piano is perfect for people who don’t have tons of space.

A Piano or a Keyboard

The only thing I will tell you, is just because you’re a beginner doesn’t mean you have to purchase an electronic keyboard. I mean you can learn the basics on a keyboard but it is not the same thing as an actual piano. And I repeat… a keyboard is not the same thing as a piano. The keyboard doesn’t have the pedals like the piano, and the sound is completely different. You cannot match the sound of a keyboard from that of a piano. In the music world, you will either be a pianist or a keyboardist. That’s how different they are.

A piano is a major commitment. Make sure this is an instrument you want to play. Have a feel for the keys, the music… everything! And if you are a beginner, take into consideration the tone of a piano and the tone of the keyboard. It’s practice of course, but in life, what doesn’t take a lot of practice. If you love the piano, purchase one, and practice. You will not regret it!

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