Robin Hall The “Piano Guru” Uncovered

Robin Hall is the author of the famous Pianoforall product. He has a personal email address listed on his site so that people can email him directly if they have any questions or feedback. This makes the author different than many other authors who try to hide from their audiences more. Generally authors that are willing to do this show that they are much more dedicated to their products than others.

Those who are just out for fast money won’t actually leave private info for people to voice their displeasure. This fact usually indicates that someone truly cares about how their product is impacting other people in an everyday way.

Robin Hall started life as a cartoonist but transitioned away from that due to the poor showing of cartoons in modern society. He then transitioned in to writing about how to draw cartoons. Because he also taught piano at the same time, he decided to use his vast experience in teaching piano to write the Pianoforall system.

A System for Self Teaching

One of the amazing things about the system that Hall created is that it allows for self-teaching, and it additionally allows for condensing the amount of time needed to learn the piano from years to just a few months. The system he created starts with a Popular rhythm style which was modeled on artists like Elton John and Billy Joel. This system sounds just like the real thing and it’s very easy to pick up initially.

You can often even pass for an experienced musician using this particular approach almost right away. And this is all possible due to the long experience Robin Hall has with teaching piano. The experience is something that lets him figure out how to find all of the short cuts.

A lot of other music teachers don’t exactly have a lot of motivation to show their students short cuts to getting strong piano skill right away, since they are paid by the hour and the longer they drag it out the better. But someone who cares more about the thrill of piano and passing it on to others like Mr. Hall will be able to figure out solid shortcuts such as the Popular Rhythm Style using the chord that goes with it.

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Positive Feedback Loop

Another thing Mr. Hall has figured out with this method is that it creates something of a positive feedback loop. Basically, by creating a very easy system for sounding great right away without really any difficulty, this sets up a situation where the student is completely energized to learn more. After all, if it was so easy to sound that good that fast, then it must be way easier than they thought to learn even more of the piano.

It’s a perfectly natural shortcut that only someone who had spent years watching the psychological development of new piano students would really be able to develop. Mr. Hall has put his expertise in this matter to good use as a result.

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