Piano for All Review

Who wouldn’t like to play the piano? In fact, it is said that not being able to play it, or any instrument for that matter, is one of life’s greatest regrets for many people. Now that the world is becoming increasingly digital, it will come as no surprise that learning an instrument can also be done digitally. However, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of online courses available to teach you how to play the piano. One of these, Piano for All, comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. I felt, therefore, that this was the one that would be worth trying. Here’s my experience with it.


What Is Piano for All?

Essentially, it is a program that has been designed to give users a solid understanding of things like rhythms and chords. After that, they can progress onto playing by ear, as well as sight reading. The methods used in Piano for All combine musical notation with keyboard diagrams. Additionally, each important element is emphasized by a media clip. As you go through the levels, you will also see a musical staff that shows what you played.

Prices and What You Get

Currently, the Piano for All program costs just $39. For this, you will receive a set of interactive eBooks. The program is designed to allow anyone, from a complete novice onwards, to learn how to play the piano. They will be taken through various different styles, including popular music, and more. The program includes:

  1. Book 1 – Party time, play by ear and rhythm piano. Basic chords, popular party rhythms.
  2. Book 2 – Blues and rock ‘n roll.
  3. Book 3 – Chord magic. Speed learning.
  4. Book 4 – Advanced chords made easy.
  5. Book 5 – Ballad style. Standards, improvisation.
  6. Book 6 – Jazz piano made easy. Standards, improvisation.
  7. Book 7 – Advanced blues and fake stride. Ragtime.
  8. Book 8 – Taming the classics. Classical sight reading made easy.
  9. Book 9 – Speed learning. Making the most of practice
  10. 200 individual video piano lessons.
  11. 500 individual audio piano lessons.



Although the course is offered in a completely digital format, people can also choose to pay an extra $10 and receive a DVD with all the information included on it through the post.

Do note, however, that the program was on special offer at the time of this writing, which means the price could have gone up slightly since then.

How Does It Work?

The piano is said to be one of the most difficult instruments to learn, simply because it has so many different keys and chords to be played across a variety of octaves. As such, you won’t be the first person to be somewhat suspicious about the idea that it would be possible to learn to play this fantastic instrument using nothing but an online course. However, the program is very cleverly designed to make sure people are actually able to learn the right things at the right time, and in such a way that is fun as well.

The first four books give people a solid foundation of the piano and how it works. Books 5 to 7, meanwhile, help to build on this foundation and create a more advanced player. In books 8 and 9, participants learn to develop a solid playing style, after which they can really take everything on. Once they have completed the program, which can be achieved in record time, participants are ready to apply the skills they have learn to any song they like and in any style.


What I Liked about Piano for All

  • The program is suitable for beginners and advanced players alike and is very easy to follow and comprehend.
  • As it is a digital product, it works on all devices and operating systems. These include mobile devices, which means you can learn to play anywhere.
  • The download is instant, which means you can get started straight away.
  • Each book is linked to audio and/or video files, which means you can hear and see what you are learning about as well, without having to search for different files and using many different programs at the same time.
  • The program has been highly positively reviewed by people who have tried it. Furthermore, the program author has made the email addresses of the reviewers public, which means you can even verify the validity of the reviews.
  • It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.
  • You can choose to have a DVD file of all the information as well, for just $10 more.
  • The company also offers fantastic support to people who have purchased the program

What I Didn’t Like about Piano for All

  • Suggesting that the piano is easy to learn is almost sacrilegious. It basically sounds too good to be true.
  • Although it is possible to have the program mailed to you on DVD, there is no option to purchase the actual books as physical books. This can be difficult, because placing a laptop or computer screen onto a piano or keyboard can be quite difficult.


The Final Verdict

Learning to play the piano is a dream come true for many people. While some people do still want to learn the classics such as Mozart and Beethoven, most people would prefer a more contemporary style, with music they can actually sing along to. Piano For All makes this possible for, as the name suggests, everybody. It builds a solid foundation of understanding the instrument itself and how music works, before taking participants through to different types of styles and songs. It even teaches people how to improvise on the piano and transpose notes, which is believed to be incredibly difficult to do. Those who are interested, therefore, not just in learning how to play the piano, but to actually learn a thing or two about music itself, simply cannot go wrong with Piano for All. I wholeheartedly recommend this program, either online or including the DVD copy.

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