How to Play Piano

Practice the Piano

Almost every kid was enrolled in piano lessons at some point.  Perhaps you are one of the few who never went through that or maybe you just did not pay enough attention to your piano teacher.  Do not fret.  There is still hope for that Bach or Chopin in you.  You can learn how to play the piano but of course, it would entail some time, a little patience, heaps of perseverance and a lot of practice.  Remember, famous pianists did not become the musical geniuses that they are overnight.  Like you, they really pursued their passion for music and the arts.

The Basics

So the big question is how to play the piano.  Let us start with some basics.  Pretty much all of you already know the difference between a piano, a keyboard and an organ by just looking at it.  Unlike the organ, the G clef keys and the F clef keys of a piano are just in one straight level.  Unlike the keyboard, you will find that the keys are a bit heavier.  As your piano skills progresses, you will discover that the weight of the keys is actually very important.  It allows pianists to add emotions to their playing.  My touching it lightly, the sound will be very soft or “pianissimo” as musicians call it.  If you are playing a majestic piece and need the sound to be loud and full, they can press on the keys harder to make the sound “fortissimo”.  But we are getting way ahead with such terminologies.   These are some things that every aspiring pianist should know on how to play the instrument.

Keys of the Piano (Black and White)

One look at the piano and you will immediately notice that the keys come in 2 colors – black and white.  The whites tend to sound “happier” as they are the major keys.  The blacks tend to sound a bit more serious or even scary.  These are the minor keys.  Hence, when you watch a movie and there is a scene between couples who are laughing, the background music most probably uses major keys to add to the happy emotion.  When the movie is a thriller or suspense, you can expect that most of the musical underscoring makes use of minor keys.

Watch this video to learn how to play piano- Ode to Joy

G clef and F clef Keys

The G clef is often played from the center of the piano all the way to the rightmost key.  This is naturally played by the right hand.  This is where most of the melody is played using notes.  The keys from the center to the left most part are the F clef keys.  Pianists use their left hand to play this and more often than not, the chords are played in this area.  Aspiring pianists should know how to properly coordinate the notes of the right hand and the chords of the left hand when they play any musical piece.

To learn how to play piano, remember that you do not jump right on and play music.  You need to go through finger exercises to give them the dexterity you’ll need when playing.

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