How to Benefit from a Piano Tutorial

Don’t you just find it amazing how professional pianists seem to play the instrument with so much ease?  It’s like they are not even thinking about the next note to play.  They know the instrument so much that it is more like an extension of their body.  Well, you can bet on one thing – playing the piano is not as easy as it looks.  Your favorite pianists did not wake up one day and realized that they just have a knack for the instrument and immediately know how to work it and produce wonderful music.  They all underwent piano lessons before they became the famous artists that they are today.  They most probably went through a piano tutorial when they were younger.

You don’t Need a Music Teacher

In the past, a piano tutorial entails going to music school wherein you have a music teacher seated beside you as he teaches you how to read notes and produce music through the instrument.  Today, there is another option.  Many people can just go online and start learning how to play the piano.  While there is nothing wrong with learning piano online, those who actually enrolled with an actual teacher are at an advantage because they have someone there actually telling them if they are doing a good job or correcting them should they have mistakes unlike a piano tutorial video that will just go on with the lesson regardless of whether the student is getting it or not.

Tutorial Classes Online

If you have had piano lessons in the past but don’t want to pay the fee that piano teachers charge anymore, then you can go right in and try piano tutorial classes online.  Since you already know the basics, you should not have any difficulty keeping up with the lesson.  Now if you have never played the piano or maybe even never touched one in your life, it is best for you to try actual lessons first if you are serious about learning the instrument.  If you are working on a budget, you can still take online lessons.  Just make sure that you start from the basics.  Some may seem like common sense (you don’t want to be playing Mary had a Little Lamb) but do not skip it.  The basics are the fundamentals of piano playing.  All great pianists we know like Chopin and Tchaikovsky still practice it no matter how advance their skills are.

Online Piano Tutorial

An online piano tutorial is a great thing because you can see pianists at work up close.  When there is a part that you do not get, you always have the option of replaying it and keeping close attention to parts that confused you.  If you find the current lesson too advance, then you can always back track to previous and simpler lessons until you find your skills slowly improving.  Take note that it is not enough that you watch the videos.  It is always best for you to watch them in front of your own piano and do as the teacher is doing.

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