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Tips on How to Purchase Your First Piano

Music to me is very important. It has so many benefits… for the mind, body, health, etc. Personally, I love to play the piano to relieve stress. When I sit in front of the piano, ... Continue Reading →
piano notes

Piano Notes for Beginners

Music is a language within itself. Similar to how we learn our ABCs for speaking reading and communicating our thoughts in writing, we learn the basic piano notes to help us play and ... Continue Reading →
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Learning the Piano Chord Chart

Chords are essential parts of piano playing.  You cannot play a good piece with just notes.  You need to support it with the right chords so you can get the full musical effect.  ... Continue Reading →
piano by ear

Learn to Play Piano by Ear

Why Learn to Play Piano by Ear Many people who learn to play the piano tend to take the long course.  They enroll in music piano playing classes and go through sight reading exercises.  ... Continue Reading →

How to Make the Most of Piano Lessons Online

If you Don’t have the Time or Money So you want to be a pianist but do not have time or money to spend for an actual piano teacher.That’s okay. With today’s technology, you ... Continue Reading →

How to Benefit from a Piano Tutorial

Don’t you just find it amazing how professional pianists seem to play the instrument with so much ease?  It’s like they are not even thinking about the next note to play.  They ... Continue Reading →
piano for beginners

All About Piano for Beginners

So you want to learn how to play the piano.  If you want to be the next protégée and be the Chopin of this generation, well, learning the piano basics is the place to start.  Now ... Continue Reading →

How to Read Piano Notes 101

Music Talent and Skill Some people really just have a knack for music.  Even with little or even no training, you can ask them to play songs in the piano and using just their ears, ... Continue Reading →

How to Play Piano

Practice the Piano Almost every kid was enrolled in piano lessons at some point.  Perhaps you are one of the few who never went through that or maybe you just did not pay enough attention ... Continue Reading →